January 9, 2020 - VANCOUVER

Small Business BC is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative focused on encouraging entrepreneurship and celebrating small local businesses within B.C.

January is the busiest time at Small Business BC, with many aspiring entrepreneurs choosing to tackle new business goals, along with those looking to start their own businesses, as part of their New Year's plans. Heading into 2020, SBBC wanted to provide entrepreneurs with a combination of practical resources and inspirational stories from recent new business owners, to encourage potential business owners to take the next step, and see what is possible for their business idea.

The "Take The Next Step" campaign features:
- A series of profiles of BC business that are within 12-24 months of opening
- A series of videos highlighting the top reasons budding entrepreneurs start their own businesses
- A brand new product - "Starting A Business - Bundle" - designed as a starter-kit for all those thinking of starting their own business, and includes a mix of educational classes, advisory services and helpful resources.



One of the focal points of the campaign is to highlight BC-based businesses that have found success within their first 12-24 months. We believe the best businesses for new businesses to learn from are those that recently have come through that experience.

The four businesses we focused on are as follows:

Land & Sea Brewing

In little over 12 months, Land & Sea Brewing has made an outsized impression on the community of Comox. Culminating in the awarding of the "Best Brewery Experience" by the BC Ale Trail for 2019.

Jason's advice to those thinking of starting a business: "The reward lies in the long-term goals, working to build something big and being a part of the community."

Read their story:


ImaginationFX, is a small business that provides First Nations, non-profit and public sector clients with leadership coaching. 2019 saw them win Business of the Year in the Indigenous Business Awards.

Nene's advice to those thinking of starting a business: "Life is really short, make an impact and try to live in alignment with your values; who you are and what gifts you have."

Read their story:

Port Moody Refillery

Port Moody Refillery is a zero-waste store where customers can bring their own containers and refill products like shampoo, soaps, laundry detergents and much more. This popular and bustling shop is perched in the heart of Port Moody, and services the ever-growing community of sustainably minded consumers.

Jule's advice to those thinking of starting a business: "Do your research and prepare as much as you can before you start. You have to remain open and flexible to adjust your model in order to create a successful business.”

Read her story:

Horizon Eco Builders

Horizon Eco Builders, a construction company that specializes in durable, beautiful and eco-friendly homes, designed and built with sustainability in mind. Simon Druart and Thomas DuBoyce began Horizon Eco Builders in order to combat the wastefulness inherent in the construction industry.

Simon and Thomas's advice to those thinking of starting a business: "Figure out the "why" of your company. The biggest thing that helped us at the start was putting the work in to figure out the why of our company, and develop a strong foundation of values and processes that we could both buy into for the long term."

Read their story:

Small Business BC encourages potential entrepreneurs or anyone curious about taking on a new side hustle venture to contact the SBBC office for guidance and support or visit the Take the Next Step landing page at


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